Lies of P isn’t as brilliant as Bloodborne, and that’s OK – in fact, it’s actually quite a good thing

Conceptually, Lies of P is possibly one of the funniest games I can imagine. A Soulsborne-style game based on Pinocchio? Are you yanking my chain? It doesn’t feel like it’s something that should work, nor even necessarily made in the first place (here comes that pesky ‘but’…) But! To be honest with you, it’s surprisingly good. I wouldn’t call it great, or particularly unique, it’s just that there’s something about it that I do keep coming back to. I think it’s the feeling of potential.

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking, “hang on a minute, didn’t VG247 give Lies of P 2/5 stars in its review?” You’d be right, but shock horror, I didn’t write that review – and two people are capable of different opinions. Sherif’s excellent review does convey a number of the problems I have with the game, namely things like the game’s unconvincing level design and messy combat.

For the most part, I think the combat is pretty serviceable; most of the weapons I’ve come across so far feel varied enough that I want to mix up what I’m using, enemies’ attacks are generally clearly signalled (if sometimes unfairly damaging), and honestly that fancy robot arm that has different attachments is much more fun than Bloodborne’s simple guns. But, there’s another but…

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