Original The Settlers creator's Pioneers of Pagonia now has a demo on Steam

If you’ve been eyeing up Pioneers of Pagonia, the lovely looking new city builder from original The Settlers designer Volker Wertich, there’s some good news; ahead of its early access launch on 13th December, a demo is now available on Steam.

Pioneers of Pagonia was revealed back in February, promising a city building adventure set across the mysterious islands of Pagonia, where players must work to steadily increase their reach and influence among the islands’ many (not always friendly) inhabitants through resource gathering, production, economic expansion, and exploration.

When Pioneers of Pagonia enters early access in December, only some of its final features will be available, including procedural map generation, over 40 different building types, plus more than 70 different goods and dispersed production chains. The likes of co-op play, new buildings, new production chains, and other improvements are expected to arrive in the six months or so of development planned ahead of a full 1.0 release.

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