SEGA to acquire Angry Birds developer, Rovio, for $775 million

SEGA has announced its plans to acquire the mobile developer, Rovio, in a whopping $775 million deal. That’s €706 million, or £625 million, over in Europe.

Rovio is best known for its endeavours with the mobile game that took the world by storm back in the early 2010s: Angry Birds. SEGA’s acquisition of the developer comes from its aims to strengthen its position in the mobile gaming market, which SEGA believes is projected to account for 56% of the global gaming market overall by 2026.

SEGA has stated that it plans to take in Rovio’s live-operated mobile game development capabilities and expertise in mobile game operation, to accelerate the development of mobile compatible and multi-platform-supported versions of SEGA’s existing game IPs.

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